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I remaining my poor wife big with youngster, and approved an advantageous offer designed me to generally be captain from the Adventurer, a stout merchantman of 350 tons: for I understood navigation well, and getting grown weary of the surgeon's work at sea, which, nevertheless, I could work out on situation, I took a skilful younger man of that calling, just one Robert Purefoy, into my ship.

In addition there are guides penned by These in a roundabout way a Portion of the adventure in question, like the Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe, or guides penned by People participating in the adventure but inside a structure other than that of the journal, for instance Conquistadors with the Useless by Lionel Terray. Documentaries typically make use of the topic of adventure as well.

one. to dare to go. Daily the kid ventured more in to the forest. verder gaan يُغامِر престрашавам се aventurar-se odvážit se sich wagen vove sig τολμώ να προχωρήσω aventurar, arriesgar minna julgema جرات پیش روی پیدا کردن uskaltautua s'aventurer לְהִסתַכֵּן साहस करना osmjeliti se za pokret merészkedik berani pergi voga sér avventurarsi 思い切って行く 모험적으로 해보다 išdrįsti eiti uzdrošināties doties berani pergi zich wagen våge/driste seg zapuszczać się aventurar-se a se aventura отваживаться идти odvážiť sa drzniti si usuditi se våga [sig] กล้าไป (gitmeyi) göze almak 冒險 відважуватися; насмілюватися جسارت کرنا mạo hiểm, cả gan 冒险

A way of escape; a plausible alibi or evasive course; Enable out: You might have an out, however. You could communicate (1919+) verb

Schrock did not deny this, and announced on August thirty, 2004, that he would not look for re-election.[citation necessary] Rogers stated that he outed Schrock to punish him for his hypocrisy in voting for the wedding Safety Act and signing on as being a co-sponsor with the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Other forms contain venture methods that seek to offer non-monetary assistance to start a brand new venture.

A lot of adventures are based on the concept of a quest: the hero goes off in pursuit of a reward, regardless of whether it's a skill, prize, or perhaps the safety of someone. On the way, the hero should prevail over various road blocks. Mythologist Joseph Campbell discussed his Idea in the monomyth in his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

a bold or interesting enterprise or experience. He wrote a book about his adventures from the Antarctic. avontuur مُغَامَرَة، مُجَازَفَه приключение aventura dobrodružství das Abenteuer oplevelse; eventyr; vovestykke περιπέτειαaventura seiklus ماجراجویی seikkailu aventureהרפתקה जोखिम भरा अनुभव pustolovina kaland petualangan ævintÿri, hættuför avventura 冒険 모험 nuotykis piedzīvojums pengembaraan avontuurspennende opplevelse, eventyr, vågestykkeprzygoda د پیښو سره مخامخ کول aventura aven­tură приключение dobrodružstvo dogodivščina avantura äventyr การผจญภัย macera, serüven 冒險 пригода کارنامہ chuyến phiêu lưu 冒险

Venture capitalists also are envisioned to nurture the businesses in which they devote, as a way to boost the likelihood of reaching an IPO phase when valuations are favourable. Venture capitalists ordinarily aid at four stages in the company's enhancement:[24]

The halfway point in the NFL frequent time is approaching promptly, and divisional and playoff races are beginning to acquire form.

How could he help listening with question while the other told of midnight ventures and perilous escapes, of feastings and orgies, of fortunes squandered in an evening?


Mainly because there aren't any general public exchanges listing their securities, non-public businesses fulfill venture cash corporations along with other personal fairness traders in various strategies, together with heat referrals with the traders' reliable sources along with other enterprise contacts; Trader conferences and symposia; and summits where firms pitch on to Trader groups in face-to-experience meetings, which include a variant often called "Pace Venturing", that's akin to hurry-courting Camping Scenery for money, the place the investor decides within ten minutes irrespective of whether he desires a follow-up Conference.

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